The trying-hard blogger is here!

January 16, 2015

Hi everyone!

This is my second attempt to create  a blogsite for my "kalokohang" ideas. I once tried to make a site that will document my last year's wedding preps. However, I failed to update it after I completed its initial layout (talk about, "ningas-kugon"). Anyway, my creative juice has pumped up again so I decided to try blogging once more. Hopefully, maging successful this time!

 I don't know how to start with this blogsite. I already have some ideas but don't know which should I prioritize.

So for now, Welcome to Blogspot! and Welcome to Chubs Diary!

--Mrs. Chubs---

BTW, you may want to check my very first baby in blogging. Here is the link: Chubs Wedsite

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