Supplier's Rating -HMUA - Anne Garcia

January 29, 2015

Peso Power: 8,000 (2014 rate)

Rating: 4.5 (1-lowest, 5 – highest)


  • Airbrush makeup and hairstyling for the bride
  • Second look upgrade
  • Grooming for the groom (If within the same location
  • Traditional makeup and hairstyling for two (2) heads
  • Free hair and makeup for two (2) flower girls
Makeup was not my priority before. In fact, at first, I planned to have my makeup done by a non-professional makeup artist just to cut our expenses. After all, with or without make, I know I’m beautiful (wala pong basagan sana ng trip.heheheh). However when I read some of the posts of my co-wawies, some said that aside from photos and rings, you should invest in your face.  It is because a good photographer/videographer may not be enough if you have an “espasol” or “nilublob sa mantika” face. That’s when I knew that I should adjust my budget just to have a good MUA (or fairy godmother) for my wedding.

Fortunately, Ryan, my OTD suggested Ms. Anne. He told that he had handled several weddings wherein Ms. Anne is also the MUA and he knows that she delivers very well. Since I trust his recommendations, I emailed her to ask for her existing packages.

I initially budgeted 10,000 for MUA since I know it is the lowest price offered when we attended our first bridal fair. However, I was shock when she sent me her rates and saw that her lowest was 7k for a traditional makeup. I was thrilled! And then I started to check her FB page to see her works. Malay ko, baka kaya mura eh chaka db? But I was wrong! Her works are superb. She usually posts before and after pics of her models and you will really be amazed with their transformations.  Also, the brands that she usually uses are also not cheap so you know that she also invests to satisfy her clients. Ms. Anne used to hold free trial makeup for future brides (I don’t know lang ngaun) I grab that opportunity para makita ko kung magclick kami.

March 1, 2014 was my schedule with her. First kita ko pa lang sa kanya, ang gaan agad ng feeling ko sa kanya. She is so cool and I did not feel any awkwardness towards her. During the time when she is doing my make-up, all the time, naka face mask sya, maybe for sanitation purposes?  Also, I don’t think she used her bare hands to touch my face. She cleaned up the excess makeup on my face with tissue or cotton buds. After the trial, I asked my fiancé (now my husband) for some comments. Si husband kasi ang mas maarte sa kin pagdating sa makeup. Ayaw nya ng hindi pantay ang kulay ng mukha ko sa leeg ko.Hahahha. He said na ok daw yung makeup kasi hindi sya makapal and yet maganda yung register nung face ko sa camera. (BTW, we just used ipad to take the pic, no filter LOL). So dahil approve na sa kanya, right there and then, we deposited 2k to reserve our date with her. Yes, that was my first and last trial makeup ever. I was satisfied with what I experienced and ayoko ng mamroblema pa.

My trial makeup

Come wedding day, Ms. Anne was one of the first to arrive at the hotel (together with her husband). She started right away with my make-up and super chinika nya ko para marelax. Natawa lang sya sa kin nung bigla akong napaluha during our conversation. Kala nya, napuwing ako dun sa mascara. Pero totoo nyan, naiyak ako kasi naremind akong almost 10 years na kami ni husband as bf/gf and eto na yung araw na we’re both waiting for. O db ang drama? Again, after nya ko makeupan, natuwa na naman ako sa mukha ko as always. I think I look radiant on that day (sariling buhat ng bangko..hehhehe). Even my mother, Hubs’ mother and grandmother were all satisfied with their makeups. They all look younger. I was also happy that she was there in the church for my retouch before the photo ops. Super init kasi sa church na feeling ko hulas na makeup  ko sa pawis and napunta na lahat sa tissue na hawak ko. But when I asked my husband if ok pa makeup ko, he said, ok pa naman.She also stayed until the start of the reception for my 2nd look.

Before and after pic (pic c/o Anne Garcia)

Backview of my hairdo for the ceremony
My 2nd look 

medyo backview of my hairdo during reception

The .5 deduction was for my hair during the ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, ok naman sya for me. Pasaway lang siguro talaga yung hair ko kaya nde nya napasunod. Hehehe. So sa ibang pics, may mga nakikitang panget na anggulo sa hair ko. But all in all, she is still a recommended supplier for me.
Anne Garcia

Marichu R. Francisco

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  1. I have to say, your make-up is beautiful! you look great on your trial make-up and the actual day. Thanks for sharing this info. I might share this to my friends who want to this kind of service. Ganda!:)

  2. You look so pretty! :)

    Jade x ♡

  3. I love your hair and make-up.You look very pretty. Anne Garcia is really good!

    1. thank you sis! yeah, you're right. she is really good with her craft

  4. The before and after photo starkly made a difference. I also heard that air brushed make-up lasts longer. You were such a pretty bride!

  5. You look lovely and I must say the make up is great. Natural looking lang :)

  6. You looked pretty! You had a good choice for a HMUA and it was very affordable. Totally worth it!


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