Jollibee Kiddie Party: How to Reserve?

May 16, 2017

In less than 2 months time, our Matti will be celebrating his first birthday and we want to prepare a unique party for him. Initially, we set aside the idea of having it in a fastfood but since he is only 1 year old and I don’t expect him to remember everything about it, we still ended up having it in Jollibee.

So how did we book with Jollibee? Since we can’t find time to visit their stores, we booked them online.

True to their claim, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Find a Store, Plan Your Party and Pay Online

Step 1: Check out the nearest Jollibee Party Stores for your party venue.

This is where you will choose your party venue and the date and time. Venue capacity ranges from 30 to 120 pax, depending on the place.

Step 2Create your own fun-tastic party experience

Start this by choosing your party theme. Currently they offer five (5) themes including the Christening pakcage

Next, choose your party fee. The difference between the two is that 2,000 party fee includes 10 loot bags. In our case, we opt to have our own loot bags so we chose the 1,500 fee.

If you have more guests to invite, you can also add additional party favors like name tags, invitation cards, balloons, etc.

Now, it's time to choose from the food packages. Again, there are several options, including one that lets you customize your own meals.

We decided not to choose from the food packages instead we created our own set of meals. I discovered that we can have the same set of food at a much cheaper price (tipid-mommy here). Here's my computation showing the difference if I got package D versus when I customized our package :

You can also order your cakes (tied-up with Red Ribbon) which will also be designed according to your themes. They have two sizes available: 8 x 12 and 12 x 12.

Step 2Pay online

Finally, you are now going to settle the party bill.You can pay the entire amount or a downpayment of P3,000.00. You may use your Visa or Mastercard to pay.
After paying, a confirmation will be sent to your email detailing your booking details:

Yehey! and we are done! We have booked our party in less than 30 minutes. Now we can relax and plan other details of our son's party.

If you also want to experience this hassle booking, visit  Jollibee website for more information.

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  1. My son will turn 7 in June. He wants a kiddie party too but he chose the competitor. Hehe. Anyway, tried checking this Jollibee online reservation and I must say it's fast and easy talaga. Advance happy birthday to your baby. Time flies so fast right?

    1. Yes mommy maye!..parang kailan nga lang po hinihintay lang namin sya dumating, ngayon mag 1 year old na si baby. Advance happy birthday din po kay baby Matthew nyu.

  2. Wow. That was really easy. Our sons will going to celebrate their 1st birthday on the same month. Advance happy birthday to your son!

  3. Advance Happy birthday to your Kiddo! I am amazed how easy and convenient it is now to book for parties. I remember my daughter celebrating her first birthday at McDonald's in SM City, the one in the Car Park area. Not sure if it's still there. But I had to go through meeting with the store manager, choosing the time slots, what giveaways, what food to serve, how many guests... All that done in person. Wow, tech has really evolved. :) And that was 19 years ago ;)

  4. Wow, I didn't know you can book a Jollibee party online and that they also have a Christening Package already. We actually just had a Christening party last month but we booked it somewhere else. We've never had a Jollibee party before but really considering it for next time.

  5. A lot of fast food restaurants are catching up on online marketing. And it's a great way to reach out to more customers. Have a merry Jollibee party.

  6. This is so perfect and stress-free. I would love to do this for my kids too, Thanks for sharing Sis, now I know how easy pala. Have fun sa party!:)

  7. I didn't know Jollibee has online reservations for parties. Back then, I threw my son a party here and it was a great experience. But reserving is a lot of work because you have to do everything in person. With this, everything comes easy. :)

  8. Jollibee! An all time favorite! And yes, if you really want to have an enjoyable and hassle-free party, then go to Jollibee and you can never be wrong. Both of my daughter's spent their first birthdays at jollibee! :)

  9. I was supposed to book my toddler's party online. But apparently, it did not go through their system. So we went to the branch instead.

  10. Havent tried celebrating any of my boys' birthday or christening at Jollibee. We always do it at home as we need to consider the expenses. Thanks for this share, at least I now know the procedure should we got extra money to celebrate our newest baby's christening.

  11. My daughter has yet to have a Jollibee party but I've attended a few. It is great that now they have online options for booking an enjoyable birthday party.

    Madz| Mommy N' More

  12. I have attended a lot of Jollibee birthday party already, ang saya saya lagi.

  13. I miss Jollibee parties. We just hold on to my kids' photos and I'm happy we were able to let them experience those parties.

  14. Booking online makes party planning hassle-free so much easier.


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