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March 10, 2015

Have you experienced answering an autograph or slum book during your younger years? I bet those of my age will still relate to this.. Oh wait, just to clarify, asa calendar pa naman po ako.hehe Anyway, for those who haven't tried it, it is simply a book filled with questions such as "who is your crush?, "who is your first kiss?"' etc. It will be passed on to everybody you know for them to answer.  Aminin nyu, ilang  autograph book ang binili nyu yet, pare-pareho lang naman pinapasagot nyu..hahaha..Don't worry, guilty din ako dyan.

Why did I ask? Well, I came accross this old blog of Nikki Gil and she talked about this. She even posted a picture of her own slum book when she was 11 years old.

For the sake of fun, I'll try to answer the questions that she listed down.

Name: Marichu Bartolo
Nickname : Chu
Birthday : ___ __, 1985 ( i did not include my exact bday on purpose for my privacy and not because I want to hide my true age, LOL)
Year Sign: Ox
Zodiac Sign : Aries

School/University : Tomas Earnshaw Elem. School, PUP LabHigh, PUP Sta. mesa, Ateneo Grad School (STRAMA na lang p)
Course : BS Accountancy '06
Favorite Subject : Math ( and as expected, the least is English)hahaha

Books: I'm not actually a bookworm but I have read Harry Potter Series, 50 shades of grey, Nicholas Sparks novels
Author: no particular
Kind of movie: Love Story or comedy. I easily get bored so I need something that can get my attention. Oh, I also love those suspense/thriller movies
Movie Idols : Julia Roberts, Drew B., Sandra B.
Singers: when I was in high school, I used to say Moffatts..hahah.. Those who don't kmow them, they are actually kinda the "one direction" of my time. I also loved MYMP then when Juris was their lead vocalist.
TV programs : Believe or not, I like cooking shows..hahah.. Even if I'm a bit dumb when it comes to cooking
Music : Pop / RnB

Dress/Outfit: Jeans and shirts will do for me, just as long they are comfortable to wear. I only wear dress during formal ocassions.
Perfume : Lacoste Touch of Pink
Food : Chicken and Spaghetti 
Drinks : Dalandan juice, chocoate milk
Hangouts: Malls
Color: Pink
Pet : Chin-chin, my dog
Pals : MTM talaga to, promise. 
Lucky No. 18

Motto: this is what I always write when I am asked to answer this kind of question " time is gold" epic di ba?

Who is your love? nyahahha, Do I still need to answer this? Obvious naman
How did you meet: We were high school classmates then became barkada when we moved to college
Is he your first love? Yes, I believe so.
His special characteristic? He can tolerate my "topak"
What attracted you most? his patience
Happiest moment : as of now, it was on Oct 18 when I walked down the aisle to meet my lifetime love to start our forever ( cheesy!)
Greatest achievement in life: I have to think about this further
Greatest Dream : to be a mom soon
Most stupid thing you ever done: next question please?

I just want to add, most of the time you have to write a message to the owner of the slum book. I remember I always write acronyms like J.A.P.A.N ( Just Always Pray At Night) or I.T.A.L.Y (I Trust And Love You). haah. basta may masabi lang.

Wow, by answering these questions, I felt that some of my elementary/high school days memories flashed back.  It's really fun when you reminisce those days that you and your friends are eager to write on each other's slum book. Ang sarap mag TBT,

Anyway, do you mind answering these questions also? Tag me so I'll get to know you more!

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  1. I have this when I was in elementary and sometimes you don't need to buy one, just make your own using notebook which is cheaper.

  2. I think I was in 6th grade when I was hooked with slum books. There was even 'define love' part. Pagandahan ng answer, haha.

    1. haha.. i remember that also! and I just always write, Love is blind..

  3. Haha! I remember this! It's like a way of knowing if crush ka ng crush mo! Haha!

  4. Mahanap nga ung mga old slumbooks ko!


    1. go ahead sis.. ako nga din mahanap din sa haus namin sa cavite yung akin

  5. This is fun. I remember wanting to buy those fancy and expensive slum book in national books store but I cannot afford it. My parent's won't let me have it too, so I just settle for a notebook and I just write the questions. My classmates did the same, kaya ok lang..

  6. Oh this reminds me of the old times, hehe. I remember I also had a slum book before. I saved to buy one kasi medyo that time mahal sya, haha.

  7. Answering these questions is fun and can be a stress-reliever. It's also a way to get to know yourself better. Chicken and spaghetti are real comfort food for people of any age. :)

  8. Slum book, di pa ata uso yan noong era ko. Just kidding... I love one entry in those slum books that I've answered. You what is it? "Who is your crush"..

  9. I remember this back in my elementary days. This is classic.

  10. I remember doing this back in HS days, hahaha It was so much fun. I wrote the name of the crush on the slum book and my cousin tear it apart and give it to the guy. Gosh! kalerki talaga super hiya ako at inaway ko yung cousin ko. Then, me and the guy became really good friends kasi kapitbahay lang naman kami. Totally bring some old moments.

  11. I love reading about someone's autobiography, because I learned something new.

  12. A friend of my requested this also back in my younger years (circa: Elementary). She requested me to write on because she's having a crush on me.

  13. Way back in Grade 6, I answered a ton of these. I always try to peak at the Who is crush question hahah.

  14. Ooohh! Slam book. I have a lot of good memories with this. From my very first crush to motto. Such a good feeling to reminisce!

  15. My brother and I were just talking about slum books. We laughed at the thought that theses could already be encoded these days. I remember way back, everyone's answer to the question,Who was your first kiss is mother. lol

  16. I still have my slum books and autographs with me, and my kids will crack jokes reading it. They make fun with my friends, how they answered all the questions written in the WHO IS YOUR CRUSH? WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? DESCRIBE YOURSELF...etc.....hehehehe...silly old thing..but worth remembering.

  17. I miss slum book. I remember those days haha. Brings back lots of memories.

  18. Classic! Slum books were a hit too when I was in elementary. And those acronyms - I enjoyed reading them while discovering what those letters meant!

  19. I love slum books! It's nice to get to know you better.

  20. Love reading about you and learning more about how it was for you when you were studying. I love pop music too.

  21. this is 70's and 80's I guess...before graduations on those times most students would rush to ask their classmates to fill up the slums souvenir I guess

  22. I remember when I was still in grade school, my friends and I loved collecting signs for our autographs! lol Thanks for sharing about yourself :)

  23. Wow, old school slumbook! I can't count how many I've had of those thru the years. I bought a new one two years ago, yung sa line ng Witty planners. Haven't used it but thank you for reminding me to finally take it out and have friends fill the pages! :)

  24. Of course, those are the days of slumbook. Nowadays, I haven't noticed my kids answering any or talking about it. Well, it's the internet generation, so they have FB?

  25. LOL and I still remember the odd questions at each and every slum book my classmates had asked me to answer. I think it's a good safe way to stalk someone back then? right? hahaha.

  26. This is fun! I might try answering this question soon in my other blog. I will leave a comment here again when I am done. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Oh! I remember those days. Sometimes I buy the slumbook or sometimes just a cute notebook and would write down the questions.
    It's nice getting to know you.

  28. This reminds me of elementary years. It's nice that you ended up with your first love.

  29. This post brings back great childhood memories. I wish I should kept my slum books. It will be a blast seeing old entries from friends. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Oh my! Now I want to look back on my old slum book. Even this is old-fashioned, it is more sentimental because the info is handwritten by friends. - KarenT


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