Oplan-ipon 2015(^_^)

January 20, 2015

Hurray! I got my new coin bank for this year. For weeks I have bugging my husband to buy me a new one since I left mine in my parent’s house. I told him that it is better that somebody will give it as a gift rather than to buy it for myself. I have this belief since I was a kid that I should not buy a coin bank for myself for good luck. Also, I don’t accept empty bank so I also asked my husband to put at least 3 5-peso coins before giving it to me. Why 3 5-peso? Wala lang. Trip ko lang. hehehe.. No superstition or belief is relevant to this. Actually, any amount will do just as long as it is not empty when given.

For three straight years, I have been using two coin banks where I do my saving. One coin bank contains 5-peso coins and the other is for the 10-peso coins. So what’s my strategy in saving? Well, everytime I got 5 pesos or 10 pesos as change, I segregate it from my other coins so I can easily account for what is to be put in the coin bank and what I can still spend (e.g. for jeepney fare.) I usually put those in a separate pocket in my bag and when I feel that my bag is getting heavier because of these coins, that is the time that I put them in my coin bank. Feeling ko kasi pag mas marami akong nalalagay, mas namomotivate pa kong mag-ipon. So kaya ayoko ng paisa-isang lagay. I know, I know! I have these weird thoughts sometimes. Oh, let me correct myself on that, most of the time pala, not sometimes. Hahaha

Then, every December, I will open them and ask the cashier in our office to replace them with bills so it is easy for me to deposit the amount in my account if ever. Actually, on my first year of saving, I have tried to deposit all the coins directly to bank and I never want to experience that again ever since.  Imagine, counting 3,000 pesos worth of 5 pesos and 10 pesos for 30 minutes with long queue at your back. I was really embarrassed during that time.  Feeling ko ang sama na ng tingin ng mga tao sa kin.

If I remembered it correctly, the biggest amount that I got doing this was around 4,000 pesos. It might be small for some, but for me it is so much since I put a lot of effort in controling myself from buying dirty ice cream just to save a 10-peso coin..(talk about katakawan) That time I gave the half of it my parents as one of my gifts to them and the other half was used in buying my Christmas gifts for my friends. For this year, I don’t have a plan for it yet but I intend to think of one. Malas daw kasi pag napuno yung alkansya mo pero wala ka namang paggagamitan. An emergency might happen daw. Oh well, another superstition.

I hope that this year I will have more savings, not just in my coin bank but also in my bank account. It has been ages already that I deposited a generous amount in my savings account.  I guess, I need discipline in budgeting my money to be able to save more in the future. (note to myself: no to impulse buying!)

BTW, this is my cute new coin bank (in my favorite color!). Thanks hon! Even though hiyang-hiya ka sa pagbayad sa cashier dahil sa naghuhumiyaw na pink eh binili mo pa rin..heheheh

Anyway, all I can say for now is, Good luck to me! kelan ko kaya to mapupuno(^_^)
--Mrs. Chubs--

Marichu R. Francisco

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  1. Good luck on your oplan ipon! :) I'm sure you can have more savings this year. ;)
    As for me, I don't have oplan ipon resolution yet but I'm saving for a project this year also. :)


  2. Good luck on this endeavor. I'm also starting to save this year. As crazy at it sounds, I've never done this when I was a child so I find the prospect of building up my savings at the end of the year very exhilarating.

  3. I have friends who believe in that superstition so they don't have coin or piggy bank at home. I also bought piggy bank so my son will learn how to save. So far, we were able to get P1500+ in one year.

  4. :) Thank you, I was laughing all along. such a cute and cheerful post. Your piggy bank is cute because its pink:) I love your ipon strategy and by the way, 4000 is not small for me. Even I cant save that up so good work !

  5. Your new coin bank looks super cute :) Hope that you be able to reach your savings goals this year.

  6. It's a tradition for you to have a separate 5-peso and 10-peso coin piggy bank. It's of course, a bit impractical to bring all those loose coins to the bank for deposit where a long queue of bank clients are. And you've been embarrassed for that. Well, the solution is simple. Do it at home. You may ask a plastic pouch from the bank with a label of different amount. In that case, everything runs smoothly and embarrassment is avoided.

  7. Nice coin bank sis. Apart from our 52-week money challenge that I put in envelopes, my son has, I think, 5 coin banks/containers. We have one each for 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 1 peso and 5+10-peso coin. We are planning to count it na so we can deposit it to his bank account.

  8. Good luck. I know you will fill this bank soon.
    regarding the coins, we have some at home and we will deposit these coins to our son's junior saver's bank. Coins includes the 10 and 5 cents na sukli ng SM tuwing nag-grocery kami. Time to return those soins to them thru BDO. hehehe

  9. I have savings and checking account that is idle for a while. I will try to put some $$$ to it soon! :)

  10. I agree with the rest here, your new piggy bank is cute and I love it's color as well. I used to do it as well for coins I received as change from grocery shopping. Kasi you will never notice it eh dahil barya lang. Drop lang ng drop then later you will realize madamii na pala. :) Good Luck!

  11. Coming here from FemaleNetwork.com then started binge reading. Now that I subscribed, I'll wait for updates from on your blog. Good luck to your calligraphy, investing, and future endeavours.


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