Supplier's Rating -Host -Jonathan Dionisio

January 30, 2015

Peso Power: 3,000.00

Rating: 5 (1-lowest, 5 – highest)


  • Meeting schedule (online or personal) to discuss program of activities, script, theme/motif and other consultations needed.
  • On-the-day event hosting for 3 hours
The wedding host is the life of the program, well except for the bride and groom, of course. I believe they have the power to make or break your reception. Aside from the delicious foods (LOL), guests usually stay till the end of the program because of its energetic and “not-boring” host. Luckily, I got one for my own wedding.

Jonathan is also one of my OTD’s recommendations. Our transaction with him was smooth. I think around July or August when we started to scout for our emcee.  Kakaloka lang that most of those that I contacted are already booked for our date. Oh come on! Are we that late? Anyway, though some said that they are still available, I still didn’t get them because I don’t have the “this is it” feeling with them. I know w@wie brides will understand me on this part. So I got no choice but to ask Ryan for his recommendations.

After I got Jonathan’s contact #, I immediately texted him for his rates and his availability. He replied so fast even if I texted him around 10 or 11 pm His rates are the lowest among those whom I contacted. Honestly, when I first talked to him, I still didn’t get that “this is it feeling” that I am looking for; maybe because I want a girl emcee for my wedding. But since I running out of options already, I asked him if he can pencil book my date for me and he did.  Again, I just trusted the judgment of my coordinator with this.

It was September when I again contacted him after I pencil-booked my date with him. I was worried that someone has already got our slot since we didn’t give any DP to him. However, I was also relieved when Ryan told me that, if there will be instances that someone wants to reserve a pencil-booked date, Jonathan usually informs the first client. Good thing, when he replied to my text, he said that the date was still ours. That made me extra happy!  

September 26 was the first and only personal meeting we had. It was the day that we made our DP and also handed him the draft of my suggested flow of the program. He is very kind and very enthusiastic about our event. He has a lot of suggestions, from the program sequence up to the games we can put in-betweens, to make it more lively. He also sent me excel files like entourage name, list of songs to be played during the reception, which we need to fill-out so he could use them during program coordination. He also sent us a list of possible single games that we could use. With these I got more excited! From there, I knew I found my emcee already.

On the day of the wedding itself, everything was blurred for me. Maybe because I’m on a wedding high already at that time. But one thing is for sure, I am all-smile the whole day! The program went smoothly. He was a crowd pleaser. He can speak englih fluently but can still reach out to our guests without getting intimidating. Even though there are some glitches like when our AVP did not play, he handled it very well and I did not see him panic at that time. The guests were also all laughs during the program. For me, there was never a dull moment during that night. I did not regret getting him even if  I didn't get my "this is it" feeling with him. What's more important was he delivered very well during the one of the most important day of our lives. Two thumbs up for Sir Jonathan!

Jonathan Dionisio

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  1. Waoh, you look so beautiful in your wedding gown Marichu. Happy marital life and I wish you all the very best.

  2. It's quite difficult to find an wonderful organizer with an affordable rate. It's good that you found one. :)


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