My Sassy Girl : My First Movie for the L-O-V-E month

February 04, 2015

Disclaimer: I am not a movie expert and all my comments here are purely from personal thoughts only

It's February already and as we all know, love is in the air  during this time of the year.  Movies with love stories as its main plot will surely be a hit. Today, I will be starting my first try in expressing my sentiments over a movie. First on my list is the hit Korean Movie, My Sassy Girl. I watched this several times already. Last night, I bugged my husband to watch this together. After so much convincing, he finally gave in to my request (Next time, Full House series naman, wink(^_^))

My Sassy Girl is a romantic-comedy film that was directed by Kwak Jae-yong in 2001. It stars Cha Tae-hyun (Gyeon-woo) and Jun Ji-hyun (“The Girl”). Some said that this movie paved way to bigger opportunity for their career. BTW, I only identified the female protagonist as “The Girl” since I don’t think her name was mentioned in the film or am I wrong? Anyone correct me if I got this info wrong ok? 

The movie is packed with mix of humorous & heartwarming scenes; as in too many of them to mention here. But to make this blog longer (joke), I have listed some of my favorite parts in the movie. This is in no particular order. 

1.       The Unlucky one
This is the scene when Gyeon-woo and the The Girl tried to play inside the train. The rule of their game was everytime a person stepped his or her left foot first outside the line, The girl will have the chance to slap Gyeon-woo and vice versa. The funny part here was when a group of soldiers marched inside the train. All the while, Gyeon-woo thought that he will win here and he will have the chance to slap her by the number of those soldiers. But he was wrong! When the soldiers are already near the line, they switched foot which makes their left foot stepped first on the line.  As in, I laughed hard when I saw how his face looked like after he lost the game. 

2.       Gyeon-woo is a soon-to-be father?   
This is about when The Girl visited Gyeo-woon in his school and pulls him out of class telling the teacher that Gyeon-woo is the father of her soon-to-be-aborted baby. This picture tells you what part of the scene I laughed the hardest.

3.       The Shower – The Girl version
The girl is an aspiring scriptwriter. In the movie, there were 3 stories which she wrote that were shown. All of them have weird plots and one of them is the Shower.  In this scene, she tried to create a wild perversion of the Sonagi - in which the Girl, having died, asks that her lover be buried along with her—even though he's still ALIVE. Weird, right?

4.       Exchange shoes 
This is so sweet! Imagine, a straight guy exchanging his sneakers with the high heels of her girlfriend because she can’t bear the pain it causes her.  He'd rather be embarassed than let her love suffer.

5.       100th day 
On this day the girl asked Gyeon-woo to bring her a rose to celebrate their 100th day together. This leads to a romantic scene where he arrives wearing a disguise in front of many people in an auditorium, where the Girl played the piano. For me, the mellow sound of the piano made this scene so romantic

6.       Gyeon-woo’s 10 rules
It ‘s so heartwarming when Gyeon-woo, determined to let go of the Girl, has recited 10 rules that the guy must follow to make The Girl happy. This scene showed how Gyeon-woo have really understood and loved the Girl. 
Here is the list of the 10 things Gyeon-woo said to the potential suitor of the Girl:
·         Don't ask her to be feminine
·         Don't let her drink over three glasses, she'll beat someone
·          At a café, drink coffee instead of Coke or juice
·          If she hits you, you act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't
·          On your 100th day, give her a rose during her class. She'll like it a lot
·          Make sure you'll learn fencing and squash
·          Also, be prepared to go prison sometimes
·          If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly. You'll feel better
·         If her feet hurts exchange shoes with her
·          Finally, she likes to write, encourage her.

7.       Hide-and-seek
I think all the movies that I watched where one runs after the other really moved me. In this scene, after her suitor recited the 10 rules Gyeon-woo told him, the girl abruptly leaves the restaurant to search for Gyeon-woo. She then went to the subway station and tried to find him thru the announcement booth of the station. And when Gyeon-woo finally saw the girl looking desperate just to find him, my heart really melted. Oh look at the man behind the Girl, he too was also moved by this scene.

8.       The Farewell 
The picture will says it all how much emotion this scene has=( It’s so sad that even they knew they love each other,  they still have to part ways. It is because The Girl still have not move on from his past love and she knew that it is unfair for Gyeon-woo.

9.       Revelation of the time capsule
This is so touching also since this is the time when Gyeon-woo will finally know the story of The Girl by reading her letter that they planted two years ago. Here is the content of the letter
Gyeon-woo! How are you? I was so happy while being with you. I’m not sure if you knew, but the person I loved passes away. The day when I first met you was the day he died a year ago. Actually, I tried to look for him in you. I know it was wrong. I’m sorry. I also met him on the subway like you. I was really sick at that time. He did everything I wanted like you did to me. Under this tree, we planned our future together. But he suddenly passes away. While I was dating you, I met his mother often. She wanted to introduce a nice man to me but I couldn’t. The day I first met you, I came under the tree and I prayed for him to let me free. When I met you, this occurred to me. That maybe, he introduced you to me. But the more I met you, he seemed to give jealous of you in me. The more I liked you, I felt guilty inside. While the two of us are apart, I want to forget him alone

How about you? Have you watched this movie already? Do you mind sharing your favorite scenes also?

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  1. I'm a certified K-entertainment (K-movie, K-drama, K-pop) addict and My Sassy Girl was among the first Korean movies that I watched which started my obsession with all things Korean. I pretty much love the same scenes you enumerated above, but my most laugh-out-loud moment would be the one where Gyeon-woo and The Girl acted out some of her scripts. It was meta after meta, and it was awesome!

    This movie catapulted the two leads - Cha Tae-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun - to stardom.

    PS: I'm practically known in the office as the go-to person for Korean things. There was one time when an officemate (from another department) went to see me about a music video for Heart's "Secret" on YouTube. He said it was Korean and he wanted to know if I know what movie it was. We searched on YouTube and as soon as I saw the video thumbnail (yes, just the freaking thumbnail) I immediately said - "Oh, that's My Sassy Girl!". He was doubtful at first so we started watching the video and another officemate told him that I'm right hahaha.

    1. korean dramas what appeal to me the most cause they have this fast-paced stories so i dont get bored. i have few movies that I watched though. i think one of them was My Little Bride. have u watched that also?

  2. I've been procrastinating about watching Korean movies. A couple of movies on your list have been recommended to me by friends but somehow, I always forget. I bookmarked this post. Now I have somewhere to refer to for a good list. Thanks!

  3. I love watching this movie over and over again.

  4. I have not watched that before, even if super popular sya that time. I am not that into Korean movies. I watched just a few series, like the one with the piano on the beach, I forgot the title, but nakakaiyak super. Parang bad ending ata, and then ayaw ko na ng sad ending. Hehe!

    1. Are you referring to stairway to heaven? that's good also, though you are right, it has a sad ending.

  5. I love this movie! Sana mapanood ko to uli. :D This is somehow a sequel to Windstruck. Have you watch that yet?

    1. same here! ilang beses ko na to napanood pero d ako nagsasawa. hindi ko pa sya napanood pero mukhang maganda nga from what i saw in the net.

  6. Romantic comedy packed with humor is always and will always be a hit. It's time tested and Sassy Girl delivers it!

  7. The first Korean Movie I watched is Windstruck. Some say that it was the prequel of Sassy Girl which I think not. Nagkataon lang na ung lalaki kasi sa last scene ng Windstruck yun ang naging partner nya sa Sassy Girl.

    I love this movie compared to the American Version. Maganda din ung "The Classic" and "IL Mare" (Lakehouse was adapted from this movie).

  8. I've seen the movie and I tried to recall the list of scenes you wrote. I remember the subway station scene, though.

  9. I haven't seen this movies before but it look so fun to watch especially this coming Valentines Day.:)

  10. Oh no, I haven't watched any of this movie, will check your list at mahanap nga. :)


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