My epic-fail first valentine's day gift to hubby

February 15, 2015

Since this year will be our first valentine's day as a married couple, I planned to give my husband a surprise gift. Giving something that he will love is not that hard since he is always blatant on what gift he usually want to receive. Everything was perfect; I knew what he wanted  but he don't know that I will really buy it for him. You see, everytime he is asking me to buy it for him, I usually say no since he still has so many unplayed games. (though I just told him that so he won't suspect that I'm going to buy him that)  But that's just what I thought!

Last Friday, I went to the mall to get his present. Since, i thought that I could easily get the item, I didn't prepare for a plan B! Apparently, this will be my biggest mistake. tsk tsk. When I went to Datablitz, Shangri-la, the store didn't have the game that I am looking for (btw, I am looking for Metal Gear Solid 3 but later I found out that this was not the exact title he was asking me to buy for him. It was Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Collection). At that time, I didn't panic right away since there is still Datablitz in Megamall. But again, when I went there, the sales assistant told me that they don't have that game anymore. And that's when my blood came rushing to my head!!!

So what will I do??? This will be our first heart's day as hubby and wifey and I don't have any present for him. It makes me feel worse knowing he had already prepared something for me and here I am going home empty-handed! No, this can't be. I can't think of any alternative game that I could buy. I also intended to buy the February issue of FHM as an addition to his collection but I remembered that he already bought one. Then an idea came into my mind! My plan was to go back to old school technique.

So I rushed to National Bookstore to check out some cards where I could write a message for him. I also got a photoholder where I could put a picture of us. After that, I went straight to Fujifilm to have our pictures developed. Good thing, I have with me my flash drive where I put some of our pics together. Unfortunately, I have to wait for 1 hour just to have the pics and it's already past 7pm. I need to be home by 9, before hubby comes back from his work. So while waiting, I stayed in he foodcourt so I could start my letter writing so I don't need to write on it at home  (multi-tasking at its finest or should I say cramming is the best policy). At exactly 8pm I got my gift for hubby! Oh, I almost forgot, I also got him his favorite chocolate!

Because this was really not my original gift for him, I told him not to expect too much because my mission to surprise him was a "super fail". However, when I gave him my present, he really loved it especially the card. He laughed at my message! After he finished reading, I told him that I will just make it up on him on our 10th year anniversary but he said that it was ok and he really appreciate my gift. Also, he felt really touched when I told him about how I went to the mall just to get him my surprise gift. He thought my effort was what really matters. How sweet right? 

Anyway, here are my presents for him on our first heart's day!

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  1. Buti ka nga sis nakabili ka ng card, ako waley talaga kasi nasa house lang talaga kame pag weekend. And my partner don't like any surprise mas gusto nya sya ung nagsisilbi sa min. Sometimes happiness comes on the simplicity of things and always the thought that counts. Happy Valentines Day to you and your hubby.


  2. Nothing beats a good card with heartfelt message. Your gift is priceless :)

  3. Love letters will always be the sweetest! 😍


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