Happy Valentine's Everyone!

February 14, 2015

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Happy Valentine's day everyone! I'm so excited today because this is our first valentine's as a married couple. I think I have many stories to tell about this day in my next blogpost.

Anyway, though most of us usually celebrates this ocassion every 14th of February, we should not forget that everyday is really a "LOVE" day. Spreading love esp. to your loved ones should have no limits, no end.

My facebook feed is full of pictures of flowers and chocolates that were given by either their husband, boyfriend or even by their friends. I'm not against it, really. In fact, me too, I have received something from my husband and that really made me feel special (A For his effort!) I'll share my "kilig" to you next time. However, this day is not just for giving flowers nor for eating in a fancy restaurant. kRemember, flowers and chocolates may bring joy but love can bring true happiness and peace to your heart. These things are just bonuses. Also, compared to material things, love is priceless.

So instead of just giving flowers to your loved ones, remember to tell them how you really love and treasure them ok?


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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I can relate! My feed is full of those, too!


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