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March 21, 2015

This afternoon, while I was browsing some of the my old school files, I saw this old reflection paper of mine which I have submitted in our Leadership subject. This paper was written by yours truly 4 years ago and I thought of sharing this to you.  Just a word of precaution: it is not my usual blog entry wherein you can imagine me as a bubbly/"makulit". This time, I'll talk about some serious stuff (chos!)

As a background, our professor had asked us to write about our thoughts about this quote by George Bernard Shaw:

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Below is the exact content of my paper. I'll just add some graphics so this entry will not look so boring (^_^)  I hope you can pick a thing or two from this reflection. 

Reflection Paper
Date: August 13, 2011

According to the article “Unreasonable People” by Rev. Lilli Nye, the reasonable man sees the world as comprised of conditions which she must accept and acclimate herself in order to survive, be happy, and achieve the modest success. The unreasonable man has a restless inner vision or conviction about how things ought to be, and find the current conditions unacceptable and intolerable. The unreasonable man persists in trying to change outward conditions in order to move them closer to his vision.

My understanding on the quote is this: Reasonable man will accept the things as they are and abide by them, because they are the law or the policy. They are the ones who can live a very prosperous life, yet they will never help change those laws and policies which are completely idiotic because they’re afraid. On the other hand, unreasonable men are those who stand for what they believe in and do not bow down to written concepts, even it means that they will suffer.

When you are being unreasonable, it means you think about innovation. As Gary Hamel said, “If you want innovation, hang out with weird.”  I saw an article (How to Dream Big – Be Unreasonable) that states that “Just because something is “common sense” and “common knowledge” does not make it the truth.” It’s true that when you go back to history, those people that have made difference and excelled are those that challenged the general view of things during their time. They are those that constantly ask questions before they accept what was said to them as the truth. Inventors, for example, they did not stop on innovating things just because someone had told them things are impossible to exist anymore.  They find ways to create new things that would enhance their productivity.

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Unreasonable men for me are also risk-takers. They are those that are prepared to fail. They have to stand up for failure. They are those who keep pushing the boundaries and changing the world. But these people are not just committing failures; they see these mistakes as temporary set-back, an investment and the opportunity to learn and to do better next time.

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Let me share my own experience on taking risks and experiencing failure. I am currently a Certified Public Accountant and my journey on being one is tough. It was 2006 when I first took the board examination. Yes, you read it right! I did not succeed in my first attempt to be a CPA. Financially, it was a very hard year for me and my family. Yet, I took the chance to get the exam because I think it was more strategic to have it right after graduation. But maybe because of lack of time to prepare and the focus of my mind was not 100% on the exam, I failed. Honestly, it took me two weeks to get over this trial. I was really devastated. But then again I realized, “life must go on.” That’s when I started to move forward. Luckily, I got hired by my current employer. My new work helped me to divert my attention to something new.

But at the back of my mind, my dream to become CPA is still there. And so, after a year in my work, I asked permission to my boss if I could take change my working schedule so that I could take review classes at night. Fortunately, she allowed me. I was so happy because I feel in my heart that this will be my time. I really worked hard for this chance. Though it was tougher on my part since I have to juggle my time between my work and study, I did not feel tired at all. In fact, I treat each day of my 4-month review to be my daily brain exercise. It was 2008 when my dream came true. It was very fulfilling and I do not know the fulfillment that I have felt during my 2nd attempt will be the same if I have passed on my 1st take. 

This experience of mine made me realized that a failure should not be a hindrance to try again and be successful and be better. Don’t let your fear to try things be over. Because if you allow it to hold you back, time will come that you will realize that there’s no way you will not be successful. In the end, you might regret that you lose your opportunity to become triumphant in your life. 

To end this, let me share to you what I have read in the internet while I was doing this reflection. This is about how to live an unreasonable life. The list includes the following:

Adapt the world to yourself  - Be creative. Take what the world has to offer and adapt it to the way you think and the way you see the world. To adapt does not mean that you need to be necessarily always the originator – but rather the one who takes something in one form and translates it into another form that connects people with the message that you are presenting.

Swim upstream  - To stand out from the crowd – go in the opposite direction. When those around see things from one perspective look deeper and seek out another view.

Think along the edge of the box  - When choosing to think outside of the box don’t discard the box, for from within it there are possible elements that can still be of use, and for that reason think along the edge of the box.

Don’t follow – Lead  - Leaders lead. They don’t force it. They are true leaders, and they lead while surrounding themselves with wise counselors.

Refuse Mediocrity  - Mediocrity is all around us. Refuse to participate at that level, and make excellence, in all you do. Don't be satisfied with 100%; stretch for 110%.


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  1. If there is a dream one should go all out to achieve it. I do believe following the norm in some circumstances will do more harm then good to one.

  2. Lots of valuable truths here. It is hard to take risks. It must be well-thought before moving on with any decision. It's good that you did not stop until you reached your dream of becoming a CPA. Great post.

  3. I love this post! A true go-getter kind of reflection.

  4. I think, Follow and Lead.hehe :-)

  5. Great reflections Sis- " Think outside the box" is great treats to have, that's where creativity comes in and the result- beautiful!

  6. It is hard to take risks and swim against the current but that will make you stand out and reach your goal.

  7. Do everything in moderation. We comply, we take risks, we follow, we stand up for what we believe...I enjoyed your reading reflection.


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