Red Tail Shrimps & More : A Seafood Resto in the South to watch out for!

March 16, 2015

Last month, I've got the chance to visit Cagayan de Oro for the 2nd time. Though it was not for vacation but because my work requires me to do so, I still enjoyed my stay there. One experience that I won't forget was when we dine in RedTail Shrimps & More. 

It is a newly established seafood restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that has been making its way to the food industry. According to Mr. Eddie K. Garbosa of Mindanao Gold Star Daily, RedTail Shrimps just started last April 2014. Ted and Angela Jalad, the minds behind this successful seafood restaurant in the south thought that they want their experience in USA be felt by the Kagayanons through their unique recipe and style of service. And I agree with Mr. Garbosa that they indeed, have been true with that vision.

As my first try to have a food blog entry, I will rate this place according to the following:
1. Taste
2. Service
3. Price

1. Taste (5/5) - We have ordered the following items: a. Shrimps with mild spicy redtail style sauce b. Fisherman's catch with mild spicy captain's redtail style sauce c. Stuffed crabs and d. Seafood rolls

What can I say? The food there were really great that I forgot that I was on a diet! hahhaha. The fisherman's catch is a variety of seafoods which includes shrimps, squid, mussles,  crablets & clams.  I am a shrimp-lover and I have lost my count on how many have I eaten from what we ordered. But believe me, we are 5 in the group, and one serving of shrimp can be enough for you. Another hit for me was the .redtail style sauce. It so delicious that  you want to pour it over on your rice, Sabi nga namin, "sauce pa lang, ulam na" I thought I was on seafood heaven that day.

2. Service (5/5) - The staff were courteous and kind. They are all smiles when they served us our food. Also, even though we know hat the food will still be cooked for us, our waiting time was not that long. It was a plus factor for me since I was so dead hungry that time already.hahaha

3. Price (4/5).  Aside from the food that I mentioned above, we also ordered 3 mango shakes and 2 iced teas plus 5 cups of rice. All-in-all, our total bill was 1,600+. Although, The price was not bad for a seafood restaurant and considering the kind of service they gave us that day,I still deducted 1 pt from them  and because of 1 reason: that is kuripot lang talaga ako.haha

Our lunch has been uniquely enjoyable for me also due to the fact that they didn't serve us spoon and fork and instead gave us hand gloves. Yes! this restaurant, encourages its customers to eat with their hands. However, I just don't know if they will serve you utensils if you requested them since our group tried to follow their "nakaugalian". And this was my first time kumain ng nakakamay in public

Overall, this place is a super recommended place for me when you want to enjoy a sumptous seafood lunch/dinner with your family.

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Inside the restaurant
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Their freedom wall. 
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Their must-try menu
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Picture Picture before the boodle fight!

RedTail Shrimps & More
Papa Juanitos Square
Stall 5 & 6, Cagayan de Oro
Mindanao, 9000 Philippines

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  1. yum.The next time I will visit CdO, I will pay this a visit.

  2. Cool, definitely going to check it out when we visit CDO! Thanks for sharing your awesome review!

  3. Awww...seeing your photos & reading your post alone makes me want to travel to CDO impronto!

  4. Wow! Boodle fight with gloves. More comfy going bare on my hands :D Not bad

  5. wow!! this looks yummy!! would love to try this! i hope they'll open branch near to our place too.

  6. Its so industrial! I love the way the resto looks (I judge anything visually first). The photos look interesting too. Its not likely Ill be in CDO anytime soon, but I will check this place out if I do :)

  7. Yum! It looks so good and I'm like drooling right now, and its good to know where I can find this. Great review Sis

  8. I love shrimps. It's my number one crazy favorite food in the world. Second would be chocolate.

  9. Giving the taste 5/5 must really mean that it was truly worth it. Adding the other rating you gave them convinced me to eat there someday.

  10. Sea fooooods!!!!! I love this! :-)

  11. You should've posted the photos of what you've ordered. Everything you had sounds really delicious and surely it would've looked yummy too. :)

  12. Cool. Looks like really an exceptionally-good restaurant overall. Too bad, I never have been to CDO yet.

  13. The place looks nice. The food are very affordable.


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