My DIY birthday invitation

July 19, 2017

Matti just turned 1 last July 1 and we threw him a birthday party to celebrate this milestone. I have so many things to share to you about how we prepared for this big day so I hope you can still visit this blog in the coming days. To start, let me share to you about his DIY invitation.

To be honest, I initially did not intend to create one for this event since I know that I will not have time to distribute them to the guests before the event. In fact, as early as May I already created an FB event to serve as my online invitation. With this, I easily notified our friends and family about the details of the event.

However, since Jollibee provided me 30 invitations which are included of the party fee package, I thought why not use them to create invitation for the kids. I know kids will love to receive one since I also love it during my younger years.

So how did I prepare Matti’s simple invitation? Here are the materials that I used:

1) White Envelope #6 - P19.00 for 10 pcs.
2) Washi Tapes - P60.00 per set
3) Jollibee invitation - included in the free package
For the content of the invitation, I initially wanted to print the details and paste it in the card. However, I realized that it would be time-consuming so I decided to just handwrite it myself. Here's the sample:

Excuse my handwriting (",)
Since the envelope is so plain, I used the washi tapes to decorate it . 
Used washi tape as envelope lock

Final Output
In the end, I finished 15 invitations. I was so excited when I gave them to the kids! I am so proud of my final output not just because I did not spend big bucks on this but also because I have put my heart on it.

How about you, what are your DIY items when you had an event like this? Can you share?

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