My First Fish Dish: Crispy Cream Dory with Gravy

April 11, 2015

Warning: This is a super late post! I was in a 2-week hiatus from blogging due to my busy schedule in work. Talk about the life of an auditor during this BIR filing season. I know you know what I mean.

Anyway, this post is about my first experience in cooking “real” food for my husband.  When I say real food, it means that it is not longganisa, hotdog or canned goods. Hahaha. Yeah, I know. You can call me idiot when it comes to cooking.  That’s one of my weaknesses. But at least now, I am starting to learn. As they say, it is better to be late than never, right?

Back to my recipe (my recipe daw? Feeling expert.hahhaha), I made this last Good Friday. For us Catholics, this should be a meatless day. And since cream dory is I think one of the easiest-to-buy kind of fish for a non-market goer gal like me, I decided to look for simple cream dory recipe in the net. Here is what I came up:


1.       500g cream dory

2.       Chicken breading (forgot to take picture of the brand I used)

3.       Gravy for the sauce/dip

1.       Cut the dory fish into equal pieces. (Note: Make sure that fish has been thawed already.)
2.       Put breading in a plate and then dip the dory fish into the mixture. Shake off any excess flour. Set aside for at least 15 minutes. Here' what it looks like after I did this step.
(sorry, my cut was not equal. need to practice more)

3.       Deep-fry the coated fish in a frying pan and wait till it turns golden brown.

the finished product!

For the gravy, I followed the instruction at the back of the label of the gravy.

See! It’s really simple. You don’t need to be an expert to try this recipe. Trust me, if nagawa ko, for sure mas kaya nyu.

Well, after this exercise, I felt really accomplished talaga. And the greatest part of this was that hubby really loved what I have prepared for him that night. So I guess, my first cooking experience was a success! And now I can say, I am beginning to like cooking

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  1. You're right it's easy to prepare perfect for people who are always on the go. I don't enjoy cooking much but I like baking. My husband cooks for us when he's home.

    1. hahah.. good for you that you are into baking. pagaralan ko rin yan sa susunod since i love sweets!

  2. I dunno if my comment pushed through. I have prepared this dish and it is indeed easy and delicious. I will try the gravy. I usually mix mayo and catsup as dip.

  3. I always use Crispy Fry for my breading and I prefer lemon butter sauce naman for fist fillet. Congrats, don't worry you will learn to cook more real food, practice lang yan.

    1. thanks sis. ireally hope so..buti matyaga si hubby to eat any food na niluluto ko for him.hahah

  4. I have two packs of dory at home. Got it from waltermart at B1T1 promo. I will do breaded dory too as part of diet plan.

    1. i'll check your website for new recipes on dory. baka may magaya ako..hihi

  5. This is nice with salad! Or in our part, we always add soup. Perfect mealtime with the family!

  6. I only fry my dory or sometimes steam it! Now, I will try one with sauce :) thanks for sharing the recipe.


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