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October 18, 2018

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Yey, another milestone for us! Four years na kaming kasal ni hubby. Four years na syang nagtitiis sa kin.

Bilang anniversary naman namin ngayon, let me share this post to you which I originally written for our  "About us" section for our wedsite that I made four years ago:

Happy reading!

Random facts about Hubby:
  1. His favorite color is red
  2. When he was young, he used to be called “Mr. Clean” by his family
  3. He loves to cook but hates to do the dishes. He is also not that familiar with cooking rice
  4. He is an FHM collector since high school
  5. He hates avocado
Random Facts About Me:
  1. Her favorite color is pink
  2. When she was young, the only vegetable for her are onions
  3. Have not tried to cook a decent food aside from those that requires frying only. Good thing, she’s good with cooking rice.
  4. She has a small collection of stuffed toys
  5. Her favorite fruit is avocado
Our Own Love Story Timeline:

December 1997 – We were both in Tangub City in Misamis Occidental at this time but we never knew each other yet. We just discovered it when we were already a couple. It’s just so funny to think that we may already saw each other way back then. Or maybe we already bumped into each other before without knowing that we will end up together later. Isn’t it serendipity?

1998 - Our high school freshman year. During this year is our first known encounter. I first saw him when he campaigned for the student council in our classroom. What’s my first impression on him? “Serious and mukhangi genius” (because of his eyeglasses). I guess first impression is not always correct. (^_^). On the other hand, I think Hubert well-remembered me during one beauty pageant that I joined (Yes, you read it right! I joined and that’s the last). At that time I was also the President of our class. Anyway, he always teases me na “President na muse pa o” which I always reply with “ganun talaga, no choice sila eh” or “aminin mo na, nagandahan ka talaga sa kin nun.”

2001 or 2002 – I can’t remember the exact year but what I do remember is it is during our senior year when we’re having our OJT. His parents are both working in PUP. Back then, uso pa yung screensaver sa computers. One time, his group went to his parent’s office to print some school projects. There they saw my name in his mother’s PC used as its screensaver. Who’s the culprit? You do the guessing..From there, I could claim that since high school, “CRUSH” nya na ko. Hehehe

Sept 18, 2004 – Guinness Book of Records’ largest human rainbow for PUP. The day itself is not that meaningful for us but the days after that have been so special. The start of the days of almost everyday texting kahit walang okasyon.

January 30, 2005 – The day when he asked me if he could court me (^_^)

March 18, 2005 – After 1 ½ months of courtship, this is the day I finally said “I love you too” to him. This happened in the house of one our secondary sponsors and friend Leny. Muntik pang d matuloy yung proposal kasi nagagalit na sya dahil pinagtataguan ko daw sya. Well, I know kasi na magpopropose na sya so why not pahirapan ng konti. I will not elaborate the story here but clue ko lang is ayaw nya yung palabas na “Full House” kasi dun ko sya pinagpalit nung araw nay un. But since he loves me that much, d nya ko natiis kaya ayun, hinanap nya pa rin ako kahit may sakit na sya nun. (nastress kasi d ako mahanap eh). So when he finally found me and got to talk privately, he handed me a ring which he said was from his mom and proposed. And that’s when this road to forever initially started.

October 6, 2014 - Yeah,  12 days before the wedding, our formal engagement happened. This is the day, when we had the pamamanhikan. Simpleng salo-salo, kwentuhan ng pamilyang first time nagkita. Then, out of nowhere, pumitas sya ng bulaklak sa bakuran namin. Yes, sa bakuran namin! and boom, nagpaalam na sya ng formal. 

October 18 - the start of the forever! 

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  1. Happy anniversary! Stay happy and in love! :)

  2. Happy anniversary! Marriage is a series of ups and downs but you'll surely overcome whatever comes in your way :)

    1. Thank you very much. I agree with you. Hindi lahat good times.

  3. Wow! I hope I could also write something like this in the future. My love life has been in a constant roller coaster ride in search of forever lol

    1. Mahahanap mo din po yan. In God's perfect time.

  4. Happy to see living couples

  5. Happy anniversary! Pareho tayo, si hubby mahilig magluto tapos ako hindi. Ni hindi nga ako marunong magbukas ng kalan. hahaha!

  6. Hope you two have a wonderful love to share for everyone

  7. Belated Happy anniversary! Na-entertain naman ako reading this. Ang cute how you met and nagkadevelopan. Hope I can write one too :) *cross fingers*

  8. Cute love story. Sabi nila kapag lagi kang pinapansin or tinetease, may gusto raw sa yo. I guess that was his way to make pa pansin. Ehehe he.

  9. Happy 4th anniversary! Yes I do believe in forever too. I wish you guys all the best :)

  10. Happy Anniversary and more blessings for you both! May you procreate more!

  11. Happy anniversary and stay in love! More kids to come? Hahah!

  12. Awww! This is so sweet! Nakakatuwa yung pagka-opposite nyo. Super complement!

  13. Happy anniversary! It's so nice to read about your sweet love story! To forever! Cheers! :)

  14. Congratulations, here's to your forever happily married life. Always put God first in the center and He will do the rest.

  15. Awww congratulations! May you have many more happy years together!

  16. Happy Anniversary! More adventures to come!

  17. Awww! Kakatuwa naman love story nyo. Happy Anniversary po!
    Next month 4th year anniversary na din namin ni boyfriend haha. Sana kasal na din soon. char!

  18. Happy anniversary! Nakakatuwa makabasa ng stories ng ibang couples, especially happy stories. It's always awesome to find that someone whom you will spend your life with.

  19. Thank you So much for sharing this useful information , I was searching this from last one month
    I found this article really helpful...


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