A Tribute to my SuperMOM

May 10, 2015

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Before this day ends, I want to pay tribute to the superwoman of my life who have been one of the reason on who am I today. To give you clue pa on who she is, she is the one who carried me in her womb for 9 months even if sabihin nilang asa hukay na ang isang paa mo pag manganganak ka. She is the woman who guide me thru the ups and downs of life by constantly reminding me of what to do and not to do. Any guess? Yes, that's right! She is my mom!

Mama, as how we call her by my younger brother, is the typical mother who is selfless and wants the best for her children. Although, I love her, we always have this love-hate relationship. May kinalaman kaya na Papa's girl talaga ako? Anyway, today is her day and I want to introduce her to you, my readers, by stating some facts about her.

She is a good cook . And yes, unahan ko na kayo, isa to sa di ko nakuha sa kanya. Though she said naman that she learned how to cook when she and papa got married. As a matter of fact, Papa was the one who taught her. (actually pala, di ko pala alam kung totoo to or joke lang ni paapa to). Si mama ang constant na tinatawag ng kanyag mga friends whenever they have gatherings that needs catering. Spaghetti and leche flan are my favorites sa mga niluluto nya.

Me and Mama during my wedding.

A generous woman. You see, hindi kami mayaman and yet she is happy to share whatever we have to our relatives and friends. Minsan nga kahit walang-wala kami, pag may nangailangan, magtry pa rin sya tumulong. Ayaw nya ng madamot. Para sa kanya, kung ano meron sya, para yun sa lahat. And I am proud cause I know that I got that from her.

Papa, me , and Mama 

She also taught us how to be independent. Children nowadays are used to having tutors or even being home-schooled by their parents. Iba si mama. Mula elementary kami, hinayaan nya kami dumiskarte sa studies namin. She even rarely go to our school except when there is PTA meetings or our cards will be released. She doesn't want any issues with other parents daw since both of us are consistent honors back then. In short, ayaw nyang masabihan na namomolitika. Our own projects are made by us also. I remember one time, I have this project in HEKASI wherein you need to have a write-up about the beautiful sceneries in the country. Back then, di pa uso ang computers and only typewriters are present. But since, we also don't have that, I had to manually-handwrite a 20-page report. Di nya kami iginawa ng mga projects nun and she always say that "Hindi ako ang nag-aaral, kundi kayo kaya dapat kayo ang gumagawa nyan" During those years, I simply don't get her style. But now, I am really thankful to her na ginawa nya yun.

My brother, papa, mama and me 

Ma, on this day, let me tell you that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Di man ako vocal about it, I hope that I made you feel that you are a blessing to us. Now that I am married and is starting my own family, I will try my very best to teach the values that you instillled to us to my future kids.

We love you Mama Merly!

Again, Happy Mother's Day!

P.S..Bawi nalang kami ni Hubert sa susunod ha? Di ka namin natreat today eh.

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  1. Happy mother's day to your mom. Being independent is really important and it is one thing that I'm teaching my son.

  2. Just like you, I haven't treated Mama last week babawi na lang in ako next time. hehehe

  3. Belated Happy Mother's Day to your wonderful mom. My Mom also learn how to cook when she got married but now she is a superb cook. Moms are wonderful and we our blessed to have the best!


  4. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom.. I envy you because you still have your mom with you, so enjoy every minute you have with her. Have a Nice Day.

  5. What a nice tribute to your mom! Happy Mother's Day to her.

  6. Belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom. God Bless!

  7. Love the tribute that you wrote to your mum. She is certainly a superwomen. :)

  8. Happy Mother's day to your mom sis. They are indeed our superwoman. Soon you will be the superwoman naman :)

  9. Happy Mothers day to you and to your mom :-) a nice tribute to your mom

  10. Belated Happy Mother's day to your mom! What an amazing tribute indeed!

  11. Happy mother's day to your mommy. I believe that Mother's day is everyday so cheers to her today and for the rest of the days!

  12. So sweet! Belated Mother's Day to you Mom, Sis-:)

  13. That is so sweet of you! We are blessed to have our moms to guide us through life. Di ko rin na treat mom ko on that special day.


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